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During this visit Rev. Tanaka got out and performed three public calligraphy demonstrations.  He has not spent this much time in front of the public in several years.  It was a rare treat for those fortunate enough to attend.  A few lucky audience members went home with an original piece of his work.  The subject matter for each event was interesting and varied each time.  He also invited those who were brave enough to try their hand at it using his brush.  A few even demostrated a good grasp of the basics.
During the demostrations Rev Tanaka would either be asked about or refer to his personal calligraphy practice.  He would explain that typically he will get up early and practice for about 2 hours.  During that practice he would produce 4 copies of The Heart Sutra.  Below is a candid picture of his morning practice.  Also in the Vermont Zen Center group of photos is a sample of the Heart Sutra that he gave to the center as a gift. 
Overall these events were very entertaining and provided to a unique opportunity to see a master at work producing his art. 
A special thanks to those people and organizations that made these events possible.

Burlington Shambhala Center


Vermont Zen Center


Middlebury College