Mandala Vermont offers a wide variety of practice and study programs. They are intended to support the training needs of all interested students. Whether providing ongoing training for established sangha members or brand new students and their first experience of Shingon practice, Mandala Vermont tries to serve and support them all. Here is an overview of our current programs:

Group Practice

Group practice is an ongoing opportunity for our sangha to gather and support each others practice. This is also a great place for new students to gain experience in Shingon. The members who participate in these events are very well versed in our practices and provide a great learning environment for new students.


Mandala Vermont offers longer practice events intended to deepen the experience of our meditations. These vary in length - ranging from a morning to full weekends. These programs can be devoted solely to intensive practice but may also focus on a particular topic relevant to Shingon training.

An Introduction to Shingon Practice

This is a full weekend program designed to give new students a solid introduction to Shingon practice. The aim is to help new students learn the fundamentals of practice so that they can begin a meaningful home practice. This program is offered in response to interest by new students and is usually held at one of our Vermont locations. But if people have an interested group, arrangements for instruction at your location is possible.

Annual Retreat with Ajari Jomyo Tanaka

This event is the crown jewel of our annual programs calendar. Each September our teacher, Ajari Jomyo Tanaka visits Vermont. During the visit he personally conducts a weekend retreat. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a genuine connection with one of the only Shingon masters actively teaching in the West. Don’t miss this years event.

If you are interested in any of Mandala Vermont’s programs, please visit our homepage and calendar to see what’s happening next. And please, contact us for all the details.

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