About Us

A very influential Shingon master lived in California for decades. This master, Seytsu Takahashi was the head of the Los Angeles Koyasan Temple. He played a role in the lives and work of Rev. Yoshito Hakeda, Rev. Taisen Miyata and other Shingon acharyas who spent time working at the various Shingon temples in the U.S. Takahashi Sensei had long harbored the hope to teach and train Americans in Shingon. Unfortunately, the situation never allowed him to do so. Instead Takahashi Sensei looked for a young Japanese acharya who was willing to put down roots in the U.S. and take on that work. In the spring of 1978, Takahashi Sensei found that partner in Ajari Jomyo Tanaka.

As the container for both Takashi Sensei’s dream and Ajari Tanaka’s decades of teaching and guidance, Mandala Vermont is the practicing community that has grown up in response to their combined aspiration and effort.

And practice is the defining characteristic of our sangha.

Committed to making Shingon available to all interested students, Mandala Vermont members are served by a small collection of home and private dojos. In these spaces we cultivate our group practice, explore the tradition and host new students. These dojos are buttressed by the many private practice spaces our members have established in their own homes.

A well established group of practitioners is located here in Vermont. Our senior instructor has trained with Ajari Tanaka for twenty-nine years. Our most senior students have trained for ten to over twenty years. There are also serious students in Maine, New York and Pennsylvania. A thriving affiliate has sprung to life in the Ottawa/Gatineau area of Canada. Our sangha has helped students as far away as Europe receive Shingon teaching and the practices.

If you would like to learn more about Mandala Vermont, please contact us.