Sensei James Kane

Jim started his Shingon training with Ajari Tanaka in April of 1989. He is Ajari’s most senior student and his principle instructor. Beginning in the mid-1990’s Jim began leading sangha meditations and helping new students begin their practice and study of Shingon. Around that same time, Ajari gave Jim his Dharma name and began his sadhana training. A few years later, in 1999 Jim began to assist Ajari in the development of our daily practice and sadhana practice manuals. In 2000 he began to conduct the primary instruction of sadhana practices for our qualified students. In 2008 he visited Japan, traveling with Ajari Tanaka to all of the temples where Ajari Tanaka trained when he was younger as well as visiting Koyasan. In 2015, encouraged by our Sangha members Ajari began to refer to Jim as “Sensei”. Most recently Jim has begun to assist Ajari Tanaka in the confiring of Dharma Names, an important milestone for Mandala Vermont students.

Today Jim’s focus is providing ongoing training and support for our established sangha members and introducing new students to Shingon and the teachings of Ajari Tanaka. Jim regularly conducts practice and study events at our various dojo’s and coordinates Ajari Tanaka’s annual visits to Vermont.